Services to clients:

On Demand Labor-Baltimore provides local employers with exceptional employees to assist with:

  • Construction labor
  • Warehouse workers
  • Janitorial staff
  • Clerical staff
  • Flexible billing
  • No fee for hiring our employees to permanent positions.


Services to our employees:

On Demand Labor-Baltimore provides you with an environment that is both respectful of your goals, experiences and individuality.  When needed, we provide:

  • Transportation to and from the job  site,  
  • A completely flexible schedule.  
  • Starting pay is always above minimum wage.
  • Cash your paycheck at Harbor Bank (only 3 blocks from the office).
  • Free onsite training in construction, clerical, accounting, GED, and more (dependent on volunteer instructor's schedules)
  • FREE Wi-Fi in office
  • FREE coffee or tea in office